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Freedom is not Free

Posted: February 3, 2015 in From my vantage point

valstrengthtraniningfotanIt never was and will never be. Everything has a price. Freedom will not be enjoyed without struggles. Its concept seems to change over time too.

Freedom may not be free but our choice to be free is unstoppable. It is only we who can set ourselves free by choosing freedom. Being aware of freedom, or the lack thereof, is the first step. Not unless we are aware that we are in the dark, then we will never look for the light.

Choosing to be free is the next step. We must choose, not unless we are apathetic with life, snug and comfortable in the slowly tightening grip of disease. We must decide to be better, then we can opt to struggle with our choice, or cease struggling after we taste some disappointments, which a dead body does. A lot would choose to be better, to be free from disease, to be free from weakness. But when the struggling part lets us taste the bitterness of defeat, it is when a lot would then choose to stay within their comfort zones. A lot would not go past the alarm phase to the resistance phase. They would rather fantasize than live their dreams.

Freedom in all its forms is attained by struggle. Freedom from disease is a never ending battle between forces that try to disrupt the balance of life. Some are born to fight an uphill battle, some are born to tread a harder path. We are born to walk our own path but we can follow the steps of those who were successful. We can listen to the advise of those who have experienced more, who understand the “map” more.

The third step is to actually make those steps. To go against gravity. Those who broke free from the trap of sloth are able to enjoy freedom. Those who acted instead of ruthobgynmdjust talked are now enjoying the ecstasy of experiencing running over mountains (some do it literally). Those who moved are able to improve day by day until one day, they are lifting more than their body weight. They are forgetting how it is to struggle to walk up the stairs. They now enjoy their life. They are now living their life. Some of them have experienced the darn feeling of helplessness, depending on others for even the most basic of needs like to feed one’s self, that they swore to rise up and be better.

Life is like swimming upstream, you get carried back down if you stop giving effort. Maintaining your effort and enthusiasm is the fourth step. Do not be fooled into thinking that once achieved, it is permanent. Nothing in this world is permanent. Our hard earned health and fitness is bound to deteriorate. We must strive to keep it at its best, and while we are at it, we should enjoy the process. The path to freedom is never easy, it should be. Otherwise, who would tread it?

After all those challenges, we have learned, we have changed, we can now move on. Finally, when the basic components that make up our body go back to nature as separate elements without any struggle, then we are free. No more struggles, just freedom.