Qualities of people I look up to as my Mentors

Posted: March 19, 2015 in From my vantage point

I look up to people because of what they say but mostly because of what they do consistently. They display all of the nine characteristics below. Writing them down is my way of honoring them, of sharing the lessons, and if ever I become old, of remembering. All of them are:

1. Passionate

they do what they do because they love doing it and they would love to share it. The late Mr. Sammy Ayochok let me train in his gym and actually treated me like a client even if I was just an errand boy in the snack bar in his gym.

2. Humble

they do not need to brag about their accomplishments. Sometimes you have been friends with them for sometime and you would be surprised to find out that they have done something quite remarkable and they do not make noise about it. Some of them are quite famous around the world yet would still have time to invite for a cup of coffee, and they are down to earth.

3. Unique

they stand out from other people in the same field of expertise because they have done something no one has done before, or something no one cared to do.They trusted in their abilities and were able to do what most would not dare to.

4. Able to share their weakness

they are not afraid to admit their mistakes and weaknesses which actually shows that they are strong enough to face criticisms.

5. Honest

they tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. This shows their concern. They want to be able to share what they know and sometimes time is short so they would tell it in all honesty. I asked for advice and what I heard was not really nice but deep in my heart I know my mentor was telling the truth. I respect them for being honest.

6. Hardworking

they never would have been champions or achievers due to sheer luck and genetics alone. They worked very hard to be the best at what they do. And they always want to improve, always learning.

7. Persistent

they never give up. I have seen them try and try again even if they failed. But They keep on trying and they succeeded. They have the guts and endurance to go through all the hard work and failures, never giving up. I wonder how they are able to do it, how they get back up again and again. My brother in law is one guy who showed me he keeps on trying until he eventually succeeded.

8. They listen to others

the late Jaime Sebastian once told me a story when he tore his shoulder in a major competition. He felt the bar turn sideways during his first attempt in the snatch but he was able to fight it but something was not right with his shoulder. On the following attempt, the bar rotated again and but as he tried to stop it, his shoulder gave way and was disclocated, complete with torn shoulder girdle musculature. He did not give up on his career. He listened to the advice of his doctor and patiently went through with his Physical Therapy. He eventually recovered because he listened to other’s opinion.

9. They are very patient and believe that it is never too late

This is not about Strength and Conditioning, or Fitness but without them, I would not be alive. My mother and father wanted to have a small farm. They tried when our family was young but circumstances did not allow them. They patiently worked to provide for us and when they were able to send us through school, they retired started all over again. They were able to start a small farm again. They went through a great deal of hardship when my mother got sick and needed round the clock care. Since I was away, my father and sisters took care of her until finally she rested in peace. Then instead of feeling helpless and lonely, my father channeled all his energy into his farm, always learning about the farming method that he practices, always working on his “project”. He is rewarded by a productive mini farm and regular visits from local and international organization. Even if he started farming at retirement age, he was able to contribute to other farmers by being active in their organization. His efforts were recognized by both government and non-government organizations through awards.

I look up to them as my mentors in my chosen field and also in different aspects of my life. They are not perfect but they are very good role models and they helped me a lot. By writing about their good qualities, I hope to share to others what my mentors shared to me.

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