The easiest way to trim off that belly fat… or is it?

Posted: May 10, 2015 in From my vantage point

People want to improve themselves. We always should strive to be better. A very common goal flat-stomach-pictures[1] is to lose weight (See related post). To be more specific, people want to trim off excess body fat. And majority would want to shed off the excess fat on the abdominal area. Removing the excess fat weight improves one’s quality of life. You feel lighter, move easier, and the best part for most is that they will look sexier and more beautiful. Which is fine.


What is the easiest way to shed off excess abdominal fat then? You do not have to buy the answer, read it here for free.It is not a secret. The answer is very simple:



Photo courtesy of Ms. K. Taguiling

Do a physical activity that you love. Do it more often and with gradually increasing intensity to a certain point. Do this without increasing food intake. Do it regularly and consistently long enough until you notice positive changes. Persist at it until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Involve your husband or wife or partner. This would make it easier for the both of you. Or try to do it with a group. It is fun this way. After a few weeks try reducing your consumption of sugary drinks. Instead of drinking soda every day, try drinking it twice a week or less or not at all. Replace it with water. Start being aware of oily foods too and try not to include them in your food list or if you do, eat only a small serving of it. Make this a habit when eating.


Is it that simple and easy? Yes, it is that simple. Is it effective? As long as done in a regular and consistent basis with enough intensity to cause positive adaptation (See related post). Will its effect be noticed immediately… Well… Probably NO for most people. Since it can be done easily, the intensity may not be that high to cause fast and significant change. And once there is a small change, you would need to put in more effort to cause further change.


Others are given a hard road to travel. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to be endomorphic- that is their default body would have higher fat percentage and higher tendency to lean towards the obese side. They need to exert a lot more effort to keep off the excess weight. But it helps a lot to for them to aim for health goals rather than aiming to be thin like what most fashion models portray. It would be better to aim to have a healthier body fat percentage for them. This is more pragmatic and attainable. For ectomorphic individuals, they may not have excess fat to worry about but they should still have regular physical activities to be healthy.


icebergFor individuals who were once “thin” but are now “fat”, be patient. How long did it take you to put on that extra unwanted weight? It probably took a few years. It was a slow change that you almost did not notice until one day you had a hard time bending over to tie your shoe lace. It takes some lifestyle change to cause some changes in our body. It takes patience and perseverance. Some can tolerate hard work and can persevere. They would be able to train at higher intensities regularly and even reduce caloric consumption. The result is a fast change. They can trim off bulging belly fat fast. But the question is: is it easy? Definitely NO! It is punishing. It is difficult. This is what a lot of people do not realize. They see the rewards but not the big effort behind. This is not to discourage people to trim off their excess bulge, rather, it is to inform so that there expectations will be appropriate for the effort given.


The bottom line is, if we want an easy way to trim off that belly bulge, expect the process to be long. And if people do not see positive results immediately, they easily give up. If we want fast results, put in a lot more effort and expect the process to be hard. That is why start with a physical activity that you love. Better if you do it with your significant other to motivate you to do it regularly. The faster you want the result, the more effort is required. Drastic change require drastic measures. This means stepping out of our comfort zone. Caloric restriction or diet modification will make the process a lot faster but also more uncomfortable. If you can keep up with that, then start now! Do not expect easy and fast. It is just like any product, do not expect high quality services to be cheap nor fast.


Something for us to think about. Train Better, Live Better!

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